Collar or Halter

At Nice Puppies 4 U we prefer halters over collars. We think they are much safer for training your puppy. Remember you want to train your new family member not hurt them or make them frightened of you. When training we find the puppy or dog is better controlled when wearing a halter. Collars can choke and frighten a puppy when they pull on the leash. And they will pull on the leash.

Collars do serve a purpose. Although, we don’t recommend using collars for walking and training, they are perfect for holding you dogs tags.

When fitting a halter on your puppy, be sure to make any adjustment before starting your training. If your puppy is uncomfortable in his/her halter, they won’t perform properly for you. Always be sure to attach a long leash on the halter before putting your puppy down to begin the training session.

When doing any type of training with you puppy, be consistent. Don’t confuse them. You want to get the results you are looking for.

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